Remote Management Solutions

An advanced Remote Management Module makes it possible to monitor the status of several Cashmanagers in your store simultaneously. Review live if your current configuration needs to be tuned or if some devices need to be serviced or will need to be services in the near future.

The back office module utilizes a database were all cash transactions are preserved. This database shows you the historic and current cash flow, logged in personnel, details on device filling and emptying procedures, dispensed and dispensable cash, and much more. All this collected data can be used to generate detailed cash flow reports. This software ensures a full-proof cash management!

Capstone Cash Management Software

  • Monitor in real-time the status of all or a selection of connected Cash recyclers
  • Clear & detailed alerts on errors or warnings per connected Cash recycler
  • History and loggings via the connected database per Cash recycler
  • Consult in real time the current total content per connected Cash recycler
  • Complete & detailed reporting service, e.g. pay-in, pay-out,...Capstone Remote Management Solutions


Capstone Remote Management SolutionsCapstone Remote Management Solutions

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